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1 of 1 per Marti Report with its original matching numbers (documented) drivetrain. All original sheet metal with no replacements. California (San Jose) sold and driven, never any rust. I am the third titled owner. Q code, C-6 Automatic, 31 spline 9" Traction Lock differential,Console, Power Front Brakes, Power Steering, AM - 8 Track Stereo, Air Conditioning. Original engine was rebuild but the rings have not seated after 150 miles and it smokes. Does not seem to affect the drivability as it runs like any 428CJ (very fast). The original Holley, intake and smog system are long gone before I purchased the car in xxxx. All components for the A/C are present but not installed on the engine side. Interior is all new and perfect. Paint is gorgeous and is PPG basecoat/clearcoat. Car was painted like the factory, everything off except doors and decklid. All new brakes, all new fuel components (tank, line, etc.). Suspension and steering are mostly original and in fine working order.